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Caffetteria Genova, Via Genova 11, 00184 Roma Coffee In Rome

This is one of those places that one passes by about 100 times and always puts a mental note saying ‘go in there next time’. The Caffetteria Genova is right off the Via Nazionale, and always buzzing with people. However, what kept me at bay was the big Illy Caffè sign on it’s façade. In my mind, it would be just another one of the hundreds of cafes serving this industrial stuff… was I wrong! 


Faro Caffe 2.jpg

Well, it’s official, if up until a week ago the Third Wave Specialty Coffee scene in Rome might have been a bit ambiguous, a bit ‘nascent’ and maybe a little weak, well… that phase is officially over now. Third Wave Coffee is definitely here in Rome and boy am I glad to report that it’s here in such a cool way. Just this past Saturday 17th of December the Faro Luminari del Caffè (or in English, ‘Lighthouse, Luminaries of Coffee’) held it’s gran opening. The opening of this café has been brewing for quite some time and it’s finally a reality. Spearheaded by veteran Specialty Coffee barista connoisseur Dario Fociani and PR Consultant Dafne Spadavecchia, the Faro Caffè has all the trappings of a really excellent mainstream specialty coffee establishment.


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